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    2GB DDR2-667 240-Pin ECC Fully Buffered DIMMs PC2-5300
      Mã sản phẩm: 2GB-PC2-5300F | Cập nhật 14:03 08/06/2018

      Support for Intel® Xeon® processor 5000 series-based server platform

    • 240-pin fully buffered dual in-line memory module for DDR2-667 MHz
    • JEDEC standard VDD=1.8V (+/- 0.1V) power supply
    • ECC error detection and report to the Host memory controller
    • High-Speed Differential Point-to-Point Link Interface between Host memory controller and the AMB (Advanced Memory Buffer)
    • Support SMBus protocol interface for access to the AMB configuration registers
    • MBIST and IBIST test function
    • SPD (Serial Presence Detect) with EEPROM
    • Automatic DDR2 DRAM bus and channel calibration
    • Transparent mode for DDR2 test support
    • RoHS compliant

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