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    2GB PC3-10600 ECC 1333 MHz LP Registered DIMMs
      Mã sản phẩm: 2GB-PC3-1333R | Cập nhật 13:58 08/06/2018

      Support Intel Xeon Processor 5600/5500/3400 Series-based Platforms


    2GB DDR3-1333 240-Pins SDRAM ECC Registered (PC3-10600)

    •  240-pin Registered ECC DDR3 DIMM for DDR3-1333.
    •  JEDEC standard VDD=1.5V (+/- 0.075V) power supply
    •  One rank 2GB module.
    •  Modules are built with 18 128x8 DDR3 SDRAM devices in FBGA-82(78+4) Pb-Free package
    •  Programmable CAS latency of 6,7,8,9 and 10.
    •  Fixed burst length of 8 and burst chop of 4 via the mode register
    •  Bi-directional differential data strobe
    •  Adjustable data-output drive strength
    •  On-die termination using ODT pin
    •  SPD (Serial Presence Detect) with EEPROM
    •  Fly-by topology
    •  All contacts are gold plated
    •  Terminated command, address, and control bus
    •  ROHS compliant

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